Tanglu Development

This is the Tanglu project ftp-master server. Various informational pages are available here.

The ftpmaster and buildd-admin teams

Members of the FTP Master team are:

  • Matthias Klumpp
  • Philip Mu┼íkovac

Members of the buildd-admin team are:

  • Matthias Klumpp
  • Philip Mu┼íkovac


dak (Debian Archive Kit) is the collection of scripts to maintain a Debian archive structure.

Tanglu uses a modified version of dak from Debian. The source is managed in git and is available from: https://gitlab.com/tanglu/tdak.git

git clone git://gitorious.org/tanglu/tanglu-dak.git

The Debian dak can be found at: http://ftp-master.debian.org/git/. Both versions are tried to be kept in sync, and patches are exchanged between both repositories.


The dinstall portion of dak is run at the following times:

  • 01:52 UTC
  • 07:52 UTC
  • 13:52 UTC
  • 19:52 UTC

The status of the dinstall run can be checked by looking at http://ftp-master.tanglu.org/dinstall.status

There are currently 6 states it reports:

  • Startup Here we save a timestamp of our database (so we could go back using the WAL archiving), update various external resources like the i18n/ structure, move NEW accepted packages around and process new packages for proposed-updates.
  • Indices During that part we generate various files you can find in indices/ and prepare everything for the next state.
  • packages/contents Here we write out our Packages/Sources and Contents files.
  • dists/ Directly after the packages files. Everything thats needed to finish the dists/ directory, like creating the (much hated) pdiff files as well as the release files. We also cleanup various things.
  • scripts We run various small actions in here, including the final preparation for the mirror tree, making all the changes visible to the world.
  • postlock From here on a lot of actions run in parallel. Basically general cleanup and householding actions that do not modify the visible archive.
  • all done Who would have thought, we are all done.


There are graphs about various ftp-master queues available.